Jinan Huiyou Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. owns advanced manufacturing process due to introduction and self-development of high-tech manufacturing equipment.

Raw material: Raw materials determine the quality of its products, so that the company directly orders raw materials from famous steel plants in a way of batch purchase to ensure the safety performance of raw materials.

Robot automatic welding system: By employing a standard section main rod robot automatic welding system, it is characterized by stable performance, high working efficiency and greatly improved welding quality and efficiency; the product reaches the internationally advanced level in the aspect of welding quality of main stained structural members


Blasting treatment before painting, which effectively removes oxides and weld splashes from the surface of rolled steel, eliminates internal stress of workpieces in the welding process, enhances the fatigue resistance of workpieces and the surface hardness of rolled steel, improves adsorptive force and prolong the service life of products.

Plasma cutting machine: The plasma numerically-controlled cutting machine is used for blanking of workpieces, which ensures high cutting speed, accurate workpiece data, cleanness of cutting faces and small thermal deformation;

Precise machine tooled equipment: Key parts of pins and shafts, such as column caps and erector arm plugs, are all treated by the broaching machine, which improves machining accuracy.


Double-sided milling end face: Each four sections forming a group undergo double-end face processing, which ensures the flatness of each standard section.