After-sale service

 The company always take the quality as their life, take the prestige as their soul. Based on the aim "Provide the best quality, Service customers wholeheartedly", we make the following guarantee seriously:

1. Negociate and improve the drawing details with clients, produce strictly according to the drawings.

2. Provide full set operation and maintenance manual and other necessary documents. Do not conceal any technical details related to maintenance.

3. All the products will be guarenteed for one year (from the delivery date from factory).

4.During warranty period, we provide free maintenence or free spare parts for replace once there is any malfunction due to design, craft or materials.

5.Pay a return visit regularly to know about the using conditions and to make sure the normal operation of the equipment.

6.Provide free technical consult and support to exclude the fear of worries in the rear for clients.

7.Once the contract is effective, we'll establish after-sale service files.

8.Treat clients with good manner, answer and explain questions patiently.