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About us

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About us

Brand History:

On February 7, 2002, HYCM was born;

In 2003, it won “Special Equipment Manufacturing License” issued by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine;

In 2008, it won the certificate of “Contract-honoring & Promise-keeping Enterprise” issued by Jinan Administration for Industry and Commerce; and successed in developing D125 luffing jib crane in December.

In 2009, it won the CE certificate;

In 2010, it obtained ‘HYCM’ trademark from State Trademark Bureau, and developing P125 flattop cranes. Tangshan Rent HYCM branch was founded in July.

In 2011, ‘HYCM’ was elected to be the vice-chairman unit of Zhangqiu Tower Crane Association, and successed in researching and developing P5515,P5210 and P5010 topless tower crane.

In 2012, establishing the full-automatic painting workshop, and successfully pahe passed the assessment Tower Crane Manufacturing Base of Quality Products in August. HYCM successfully research and develop QTZ80 inner-climbing tower cranes. The Chinese traditional culture "DI ZI GUI" came into Huiyou, and became one part of HYCM's culture. ZLP630 Aerial Suspended Platfrom was produced
also in December,2012.

In 2013, HYCM successded in researching and developing 125 mobile topless crane.

In 2014, HYCM successded in researching and developing Roof Top Luffing Cranes -WD series(derrick crane).

In 2015 and 2016 and......

Brand Connotation:
Gathering Together All Corners of the Land and Making the Friends All Over the World

▶Grow up in the history of the development and the reform of Chinese industry, continue the glorious path of Chinese industry, insist on Chinese traditional value principle and spiritual wealth of intensive and pioneering efforts, and ceaselessly make innovations and self-improvement based on the united and exploited spirit and strong sense of social responsibility to face new challenges.