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1) FAQ>> about delivery term
Q: What’s the delivery term for making business with us?
A: Usually we said the shipments in FOB term. However, the terms of CIF and C&F are also acceptable which depend on preference of clients.

2) FAQ>>about lead time
Q: What’s the lead time after placing the order?
A:”Usually it takes about 7-10 days after we received your order confirmation”. However, it would depend on our production line schedule(the timing clients place order) and the complication of the item.

3) FAQ>>about payment term
Q: What’s the payment term?
A: By TT in advance, or Irrevocable L/C at sight.

4) FAQ>>about optional parts
Q: What’s the Optional Parts?
A:1. anemograph  2.air-conditioner  3.remote control  4. Frequency conversion mechanism

5) FAQ>> about the color
Q: What’s the color of the crane?
A: Orange/Blue and white/ Blue/ Yellow/ Red or any other requirements

6) FAQ>> about the foundation
Q: How many types of the foundation for your tower crane?
A: The most popular type of foundation is cross-beam type, well-shape type, based with ballast type and outrigger type.

Main troubleshooting

Brake gliding causes that hook glides down and derricking trolley glides out when being braked.
Brake moment is small.
surface of brake wheels is oiled and braking for a rather long.time.
Adjust spring pressure of brake.
Clean out the oil and adjust interval of braking.
load on brake batters seriously
Brake suddently
Gap at both sides of brake shoes is asymmetric.
Adjust the gap or increase stroke of hydraulic drived rod.
Heat and smoke in the swing process of brake.
Gap of brake shoes is small..
Enlarge the gap.
retarder overheat
Lubricating oil on it is little or too much.
add or reduce the luricating oil.
retarder bearing overheat
Grease is little or too much
Poor Quality of the grease.
Axial gap of bearing can’t satisfy requirements or bearing has been broken.
Replace grease according to rules and adjust gap of bearing or replace the bearing.
Retarder leaks oil.
Seals on connection and axial-end are damaged.
Replace the seals
Swing mechanism doesn’t work.
There is foreign material clipped in gear or oil in hydraulic coupler is little.
Clean out the foreign material or add oil.
Swing mechanism shakes seriously.
There is too much oil in the hydraulic coupler.
Decrease the oil properly.
Lifting speed is rather slow.
a. Pump is abrasive with low efficiency
b. Oil in tank is little or oil filter is blocked.
c. Manual direction valve and valve opening are weared seriously.
d. The seal of cylinder piston rod is weared and leaks oil inside.
Repair or replace weared parts, add oil in tank or clean the filter.
lifting with little force or can’t lift.
a. Pump leaks inside seriously.
b. pressure adjusted on over-flow valve is low.
c. core of manual direction valve has been seriously abrasive.
d. over-flow valve is dipped.
Repair or replace weared parts, readjust the pressure on over-flow valve according to
Lift with noise and vibration when pressure is increased.
Oil filter is blocked.
Clean the filter.
Lifting system doesnot work.
Motor runs in opposite direction with that oil pump runs in.
Change the revolving direction of motor.
Climbing with vibration
a. There is air in piston rod of cylinder.
b. There is obstacle in guiding mechanism.
Exhaust repeatedly with no load.
Drop itself when load is put on climbing system.
a. direction-lock on cylinder is in malfunction.
b. the seal on piston rod of cylinder is damaged.
Resolve the malfunction.
Replace the seal.
Derricking mechanism cannot be started..
1. Controlling wire is uncorectly connected.
2. Fuse fused.
3. The earthing connection is or wires of motor winding group.is cut out or broken.
4. low Motor Voltage
5. Uncorrect Winding connection
6. magnetroelection brake doesn’t declutch.
7. Load is too big or transmission machine is in malfunction.
1. reference to connection diagram
2. Check fuse capacity and change it if it is not large enough.
3. check the voltage.
4. Find the cutting-out or broken position and repaire it.
5 Check the break voltage broken or not and check the winding resistance clipped or not..
Derricking mechanism vibrates seriously with noise
1. Stator rotar scrub each other.
2. Motor and retarder are not concentric
3. Bearing is short of oil seriously or damaged.
4. Gears are weared out.
5. There is noise when two phases operating.
1. Check the gap between stator rotors is uniform or not.
2. Readjust the concentricity between motor and retarder.
3. Clean bearing and add new lubricating oil or replace bearing.
4. Replace the retarder
5. Switch off power and repair it.
motor of derricking mechanism is over-heat or smokes
1. Load is too big
2. Load continuing time or operation is agaist the specification.
3. Two phases operate.
4. Power voltage is too low or too high
5. earthing Motor winding or brake is cut out.
6. The gap between friction plates is not proper.
7. braking time and releasing time is nonproper.
8. motor ventilation is blocked.
1. Measure the current in stator and reduce the load if the current exceeds rated value.
2. Load according to requirement
3. Measure three-phase current and solve the problems
4. Check input voltage and correct it
5. Find out the problem and resolve it.
6. Adjust the gap according to requirement.
7. Check the brake voltage and the operating time of delay cutter and solve the problem
8. Make it airy.
Bearing of derricking mechanism is overheat.
1. Bearing burned out.
2. Crease is too much or too little.
1. Replace bearing.
2. add grease according to requirement.
Derricking mechanism electrification
1. wrong connection of Power cord or earthing wire
2. bad wire to earth
3. Wiring of motor is grounding.
1. Check and correct it
2. Correctly grounding
Derricking mechanism brake is out of order
1. Brake moment is too small
2. friction washer is weared seriously
1. brake spring is broken or out of order, so replace it.
2. Brush is broken, or voltage is not enough.
It can’t work as the whole being started.
1. Operating lever not at zero-position
2. Fuse burned out
3. bad connecting condition of Activate button or stop button
1. get operating lever at zero-position
2. Replace the fuse.
3. Repair or replace the button.
Trip in lifting operation
Check wether the climbing brake has ever been opened or not and the measuring value changed or not.
Derricking with 2 speed but no 1 speed.
1. bad handler contactor
2. bad contacting point of contactor.
3. Motor damaged
1. Repair the handler contactor
2. Repair or replace the contactor
3. Repair or replace the motor
Derricking with 1 speed but no 2 speed.
1. bad Limiter switch or contactor
2. Motor damaged.
1. Repair or replace the limiter switch
2. Repair or replace the motor
Swing brake can’t work.
1. bad Brake switches
2. Rectifier burned out
3. bad Contactor of delaying relay
1. Repair or replace the brake switch
2. Repair or replace the damaged components
Radius indicator with unprecise indication or indicates in an opposite direction
Wrong wire connecting or bad sensitor
Adjust the connecting sequence
or clean the electric positioner
and fasten the bolt.
Lifting powerless and motor can’t work.
1. Input-voltage is too low.
2. Wire of AC contactor is broken.
1. Check the working voltage; and make sure input-voltage is higher than requirement.
2. Temperature of motor is overheat.
Temperature of motor overheating
1. high frequency. Of operating
2. long time of operation with low-speed or the lifting brake not open.
1. Reduce operating
2. Check the lifting brake.
Action after lifting
Misfunction of components around the operating platform or misfunction of internal electric components.
Firstly check the external components, and then check the internal components of operation platform.