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HYCM ZLP630 Suspended Platform(Galvanized) first exported to Pakistan

CongratulationstoHYCMagain!HYCMhasopenedanewmarket---Pakistan,andourHYCMproductshavemadeagreatprogressthatChinaequipmentswillbeworldwidecranesandequipmentsinthenearfuture. Maywillbearichandhavestmonth

Congratulations to HYCM again! HYCM has opened a new market---Pakistan, and our HYCM products have made a great progress that China equipments will be worldwide cranes and equipments in the near future.


May will be a rich and havest month for HYCM, our ZLP630 Suspended Platform shipped to Pakistan this month, and it is only a trial order this time. And according to our world class quality(ISO,CE, GOST and SGS certificated) and competitive price, we are confident that our pakistan clients will give us more orders of suspended platfrom in the near further month.